How I got so big

A lot of people think about how they got so fat. I recommend that you try to do some math to see why everyone got fat.

It should be noted that figure 3500 is very magical. If we eat 3500 calories more than our body needs, we will gain a pound of fat. How easy is it to do it? Unfortunately, it’s very, very, easy. Suppose you currently drink only one juice a day and have maintained the same weight for years. Then discover a new soda that tastes better and you want two soft drinks a day. That soda can have 100 calories. This means you just added 100 more calories to your diet than your body needs.

Keep in mind that 3500 is a magic number, and every time you add up 3500, you only add a pound of fat. This means you’ll gain a kilogram of fat every 35 days by just adding an extra 100 calories to your diet. This equates to around 10 pounds a year!

Now think about what happens if you suddenly start drinking two extra juices a day. How about those big swallows the size of your head? I don’t choose just soft drinks. It could be an extra donut, a cake, or a candy. Those little thoughts come together.

Specialists in the field also say that the number 3500 works in the opposite direction. Let’s say you’re one of the people who consumes 3 soft drinks a day and your weight is normal. If you cut back to two sodas a day, assuming there are 100 calories, every 35 days you would lose a kilogram. That means you could lose 10 pounds a year, just cutting them down a bit.